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 I am PROUD to ANNOUNCE that my site IS APPROVED !!

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"My  Bacic Diamond Plus 4"
"My Switch & Count Design"

"NOTE:" !!  Christmas is coming! Place your Special Order now...(first come/first serve)A great gift for those 'that don't' crochet! And.. even for those creative friends that would love to give a 'Special' Unique Gift (knowing how much love of crocheting goes into such a gift! !

days 'til the year 2002.

Here is  Completed View of my "Basic Diamond'' Design  (remember, this is 'copyrighted')
And.... The 'Method' of creating my "SWITCH & COUNT" DESIGNS
will NOT  be shown here on this site!  I am in the process of 'writing' them and they will
be FOR SALE.....when the time comes.
If you are interested in obtaining these INSTRUCTIONS....please, SIGN MY GUESTBOOK
and I can 'write you when they are available" from there!!
Below....are  "Variations" of 'my Basic Diamond Design. I

Don't forget........ ALL '"PAINTING WITH YARN DESIGNS"
and 'will be FOR SALE.....only.
If you are interested in knowing 'when' they will be available
I will let you know 'from there'........(or just drop me a line)
Hugs, Marianne

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